VEL/VCL serial mobile suction tube lifter with stacker

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Material handling can be beyond imagination – the customer’s on-site manual handling workload is large, inefficient, labor-intensive, difficult to manage, and has industrial and commercial risks to employees, so it is easy to carry by using mobile trucks for easy processing.

Type carrier, easy to carry. Handling purpose: warehouse material transfer to change pallets. Low handling frequency is required. It can be moved to take into account multiple stations. It uses vacuum suction cups and powerful drive system to easily handle lifting, moving and rotating.

For different material handling, select quick-change connectors to replace the suction cups according to the actual situation. It’s widely used in warehouse loads and unloads sugar bags, woven bags, cartons and drums.

CE certification EN13155:2003.

China Explosion-proof Standard GB3836-2010.

Designed according to German UVV18 standard.

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Characteristic ( wellable marking )

1. Characteristic
Lifting capacity: <270 kg
Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
Handles: standard / one-hand / flex / extended
Tools: wide selection of tools for various loads
Flexibility: 360-degree rotation
Swing angle240 degrees
Easy to customize
A large range of standardized grippers and accessories, such as swivels, angle joints and quick connections, the lifter is easily adapted to your exact needs.

2. 24VDC rechargeable mobile handling suction crane
It can take into account the handling of different stations, mainly used for warehouseWarehouse material transfer.

3. Scissor-type folding arm
Arm extension 0-2500mm, retractable pendulum. Move freely and save volume. (with self-locking mechanism)

4. AC and DC power switching for different application needs seek
Battery endurance test: the stacker car is still work. Sucker load automatic lifting and lowering test:
Test results: After full charging, the suction crane continues.After running for 4 hours, the remaining battery power is 35%. Power off for charging. The longer the battery life, the longer the absorption, the longer the crane works.


For sacks, for cardboard boxes,for wooden sheets, for sheet metal,for drums, for electrical appliances, for cans, for baled waste, glass plate, baggage, for plastic sheets, for wood slabs, for coils, for doors, battery, for stone.

mobile suction tube lifter with stackers01
mobile suction tube lifter with stackers02
mobile suction tube lifter with stackers04
mobile suction tube lifter with stackers03


Type VEL100 VEL120 VEL140 VEL160 VEL180 VEL200 VEL230 VEL250 VEL300
Capacity (kg) 30 50 60 70 90 120 140 200 300
Tube Length (mm) 2500/4000
Tube Diameter (mm) 100 120 140 160 180 200 230 250 300
Lift Speed(m/s) Appr 1m/s
Lift Height(mm) 1800/2500 1700/2400 1500/2200
Pump 3Kw/4Kw 4Kw/5.5Kw
Type VCL50 VCL80 VCL100 VCL120 VCL140
Capacity (kg) 12 20 35 50 65
Tube Diameter(mm) 50 80 100 120 140
Stroke (mm) 1550 1550 1550 1550 1550
Speed(m/s) 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1
Power KW 0.9 1.5 1.5 2.2 2.2
Motor Speed r/min 1420 1420 1420 1420 1420

Detail display

mobile suction tube lifter with stackers1
1. Suction Foot 8. Jib Rail Brace
2. Control Handle 9. Rail
3. Load tube 10. Rail stopper 
4. Air tube 11. Cable reel 
5. Steel Column 12. Push Handle
6. Electrical control box 13. Silence box( For optional)
7. Steel movable base 14. Wheel


mobile suction tube lifter with stackers2

Suction cup assembly
● Easy replace
● Rotate pad head
● Standard handle and flexible handle are optional
● Protect workpiece surface

sack carton drum handling2

Jib crane limit
● Shrinkage or elongation
● Achieve vertical displacement

mobile suction tube lifter with stackers3

Air hose
● Connecting blower to vacuum suctio pad
● Pipeline connection
● High pressure corrosion resistance
● Provide security

mobile suction tube lifter with stackers4

Crane Systems and Jib Cranes
● Consistently lightweight design
● Saves more than 60 percent of the force
● Stand-alone solution-modular system
● Material optional,Scheme customization

mobile suction tube lifter with stackers5

● High quality and robust wheel
● Good durability, low compressibility
● Esay access to controls and brake function

mobile suction tube lifter with stackers6

Silence hood
● Design according to performance requirements
● Wave sound-absorbing cotton Effectively reducing noise
● Customizable exterior painting

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