Pneumatic glass lifter lifting moving machine glass lifter

Short Description:

Total Height: 3.7meters

Arm Length: 3.5meters

(The column and swing arm are adjusted according to the actual situation of the customer)

Column specifications: Diameter 245mm

Mount plate: Diameter 850mm

Matters needing attention: The thickness of ground cement≥20cm

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Herolift Glass Vacuum lifting machine is a fast, safe and convenient automatic equipment. It uses the principle of vacuum adsorption and uses the vacuum pump as the vacuum source to generate a vacuum at the suction cup end, so as to firmly hold various workpieces (such as glass, iron plates, etc.) Pick up, and transport the workpiece to the designated position through the rotatable mechanical arm.

The glass lifter is used for handling and transferring various kinds of sheets, and widely used in glass deep processing industry.The lifter is composed of cantilever and handling arm, both part could be customized.

Characteristic ( wellable marking ) 

Max.SWL 800KG
1. Manually rotated 360° in the vertical side, and manually rotated 90° in the horizontal side, but taking and releasing by electric.
2. Both ends of the suction cup holder are retractable, suitable for occasions with large size changes.
3. Imported oil-free vacuum pump, valve.
4. Efficient, safe, fast and labor-saving.
5. Accumulator and pressure detection ensure safety.
6. Suction cup position adjustable and can be closed manually.
7.Usually copperated with bridge crane to use in glass deep processing and handling job, or with cantilever crane to use in glass curtain wall installation job.

performance index

Serial No. GLA600-8-B-M Max capacity 600kg
Overall Dimension 1000X1000mmX490mm Power supply 4.5-5.5 bar compressed air, Consumption of compressed air 75~94L/min
Control mode Manual hand slide valve control Vacuum suction and release Suction and release time All less than 5 seconds; (Only the first absorption time is slightly longer, about 5-10 seconds)
Maximum pressure 85%vacuum degree (about0.85Kgf) Alarm pressure 60%vacuum degree (about0.6Kgf)
Safety factor S>2.0;Horizontal handling Dead weight of equipment 95kg(approximate)
Power failure Maintaining pressure After power failure, the holding time of the vacuum system absorbing the plate is >15 minutes
Security alarm When the pressure is lower than the set alarm pressure, the audible and visual alarm will alarm automatically


Pneumatic glass lifter lifting moving machine glass01

Suction pad
● Easy replace.
● Rotate pad head.
● Suit various working conditions.
● Protect workpiece surface.

Pneumatic glass lifter lifting moving machine glass02

Power control box
● Control the vacuum pump.
● Displays the vacuum.
● Pressure alarm.

Vacuum gauge

Vacuum gauge
● Clear display.
● Color indicator.
● High-precision measurement.
● Provide security.

Pneumatic glass lifter lifting moving machine glass03

Vacuum pump
● Create vacuum power.
● High negative pressure.
● Low energy consumption.
● Stable performance.


Model GLA400-4-B-M GLA600-8-B-M GLA800-8-B-M
Max. load capacity 400kg 600kg 800kg
Performance Load Movement: Manual rotation, 360° edgewise, with locking at each quarter point Manual tilt, 90°between upright and flat, with automatic latching in upright position.
Power System DC12V DC12V DC12V
Charger AC110-220V AC110-220V AC110-220V
Quantity of sucker 6 8 8
Packing Size


Detail display

Pneumatic glass lifter lifting moving machine glass lifter2
1 Lifting hook 7 Extension beam
2 General Control box   8 Suction Pads
3 Power switch 9 Control handle
4 Buzzer    10 Air tube
5 Vacuum gauge 11 Vacuum pump
6 Volta meter     12 Support leg 


1. This machine is widely used in transition of various kind of hollow glass, laminated glass, raw glass and tempered glass, etc.
2. American DC vacuum pump+ DC battery are adopted; When using, there is no need to connect other air source or power source.
3. Digital display vacuum pressure switch and battery charge indicator, which can monitor safe operation of equipment more clearly.
4. With vacuum pressure charging system, equipment can ensure the whole vacuum system within a relatively constant safe pressure value during transition.


Aluminum Boards.
Steel Boards.
Plastic Boards.

Glass Boards.
Stone Slabs.
Laminated chipboards.

machine glass lifter03
machine glass lifter02
machine glass lifter01
machine glass lifter04

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