Convenient trolley for reel handling equipment max handling 200KG

Short Description:

The roll clamp attachment lifts reels of material, such as paper, from the vertical position and rotates to the horizontal position, by means of powered motorised clamping and rotation.

The roll film can be picked up from the ground lightly and conveniently, and the round material can be transported and lifted by 90 degrees and turned over to achieve easy loading. Our solutions are utilized to lift, tilt, rotate, transport, load, and unload a wide variety of rolls and reels of varying weights and sizes.

Convenient Trolley is used for gripping loads by the diameter or circumference such as reels, rolls, drums, barrels etc. It suitable for the printing industry, roll film industry and round material handling, lifting, loading, unloading, flipping.

Protema values:Safety, Flexibilty, Quality, Reliablity, User friendly.

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Characteristic ( wellable marking ) 

All models are modular built, which will enable us customize every unit in a simple and fast way.
1. Capacity:50-200KG
● Inner Gripper or outer Squeeze arm.
● Standard mast in Aluminum, SS304/316 available.
● Clean room available.
● CE certification EN13155:2003.
● China Explosion-proof Standard GB3836-2010.
● Designed according to German UVV18 standard.

2. Easy to customize
● Light Weight-Mobile for Easy Operation.
● Easy Movement in all Directions with Full Load.
● 3-Position Foot-Operated Brake System with Parking Brake, Normal Swivel or Directional Steering of Casters.
● Precise Stop of Lift Function with Variable Speed Feature.
● Single Lift Mast Provides Clear View for safe Operation.
● Enclosed Lift Screw-No Pinch Points.
● Modular Design.
● Adaptable to Multi-Shift Operation with Quick Exchange Kits.
● Lifter Operation Permitted from all sides with Remote pendant.
● Simple Exchange of End-Effector for Economic and Efficient Use of Lifter.
● Quick Disconnect End-Effector.


80-200KG reel drum with different grippers01

Central brake function
● Directional lock
● Neutral
● Total brake
● Standard on all units

80-200KG reel drum with different grippers02

Replaceable battery pack
● Easy replacement
● Persistent work more than 8 hours

80-200KG reel drum with different grippers03

Clear operator panel
● Emergency switch
● Color indicator
● On/off switch
● Prepared for tool operations
● Detachable hand control

80-200KG reel drum with different grippers04

Safety belt Anti-falling
● Safety improvement
● Controllable descent


Serial No. CT40 CT90 CT150 CT250 CT500 CT80CE CT100SE
Capacity kg 40 90 150 250 500 100 200
Stroke mm 1345 981/1531/2081 979/1520/2079 974/1521/2074 1513/2063 1672/2222 1646/2196
Dead Weight 41 46/50/53 69/73/78 77/81/86 107/113 115/120 152/158
Total height 1640 1440/1990/2540 1440/1990/2540 1440/1990/2540 1990/2540 1990/2540 1990/2540



Timing Belt

Lifting speed

Double speed

Control board


Lifts per Charge 40Kg/m/100 times 90Kg/m/100 times 150Kg/m/100times 250Kg/m/100times 500Kg/m/100times 100Kg/m/100times 200Kg/m/100times
Remote control


Front Wheel




Recharge time

8 Hours

Detail display

Convenient Trolley for reel handling equipment Max handling 200KG1
1. Front wheels 8. 360 degrees rotation mechanism
2. Arm 9. Handle
3. Roll 10. Battery pack
4. Holding clam 11. Stainless steel cover
5. Prevent falling safety belt 12. Rear Wheel
6. Lifting beam 13. Motor
7. Operate control panel 14. Stainless steel leg


● User friendly
●Easy operation.
●Lift by motor, move by hand push.
●Durable PU wheels.
●Front wheels could be universal wheels or fixed wheels.
●Integrated bulit-in charger.
●Lift height 1.3m/1.5m/1.7m for option.
● Good ergonomics means good economics
Long lasting and safe, our solutions provide many benefits including reduced sick leave, lower staff turnover and better staff utilization — usually combined with higher productivity.
● Unique personal safety
Herolift product designed with several built-in safety features. Load is not dropped if the vacuum suddenly stopped running. Instead, the load will be lowered to the ground in a controlled manner.
● Productivity
Herolift not only makes life easier for the user; several studies also show increased productivity. This is because the products are developed using the latest technology in cooperation with industry and end-users' demands.


Handling of the reels, drums, cartons, bags, boards, etc.

Convenient Trolley for reel handling equipment Max handling 200KG5
Convenient Trolley for reel handling equipment Max handling 200KG2
Convenient Trolley for reel handling equipment Max handling 200KG3
Convenient Trolley for reel handling equipment Max handling 200KG4

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Since its establishment in 2006, our company has served more than 60 industries, exported to more than 60 countries, and established a reliable brand for more than 17 years.

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