Vacuum board lifter capacity 1000kg -3000kg

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HEROLIFT BLC series- SWL max 3000kg complete and ready to use electric vacuum unit for direct attachment to a bridge crane with a hoist.

The handling of sheets of metal or non-porous materials (plastic, melamine etc) in the production process, can require several people to lift extremely heavy loads and move them quickly and accurately. A single operator can lift large loads weighing up to 2 tonnes.

Herolift’S BLC is a very efficient manipulator of non-porous loads, allowing operators to work independently on lifting panels.

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Characteristic ( wellable marking ) 

Max.SWL 3000KG
● Low pressure warning.
● Adjustable suction cup.
● Remote control.
● CE certification EN13155:2003.
● China Explosion-proof Standard GB3836-2010.
● Designed according to German UVV18 standard.
● Large vacuum filter, vacuum pump, control box incl start / stop, energy saving system with automatic start/stop of vacuum, electronic intelligent vacuum surveillance, on/off switch with integrated power surveillance, adjustable handle,standard with equipped with bracket for quick attachment of lifting or suction cup.
● A single person can thus quickly move up to 2 tonnes, multiplying productivity by a factor of ten.
● It can be produced in different sizes and capacities according to the dimensions of the panels to be lifted.
● It is designed using high-resistance, guaranteeing high performance and an exceptional lifetime.

performance index

Serial No. BLC1500-12-T Max capacity Horizontal handling 1500kg
Overall Dimension (1.1m+2.8m+1.1m) X800mmX800mm Power input 380V,3 PHASE  Power supply
Control mode Manual push and pull rod control absorption Suction and discharge time All less than 5 seconds; (Only the first absorption time is slightly longer, about 5-10 seconds)
Maximum pressure 85%vacuum degree (about0.85Kgf)
Alarm pressure 60%vacuum degree (about0.6Kgf)
Safety factor S>2.0;Horizontal absorption Dead weight of equipment 230kg(approximate)
Power failure Maintaining pressure After power failure, the holding time of the vacuum system absorbing the plate is >15 minutes
Security alarm When the pressure is lower than the set alarm pressure, the audible and visual alarm will alarm automatically


Vacuum elevators01

Suction pad
● Easy replace.
● Rotate pad head.
● Suit various working conditions.
● Protect workpiece surface.

Pressure alarm

Power control box
● Control the vacuum pump
● Displays the vacuum
● Pressure alarm

Vacuum gauge

Vacuum gauge
● Clear display
● Color indicator
● High-precision measurement
● Provide security

Long life

Quality Raw Materials
● Excellent workmanship
● Long life
● High quality


SWL/KG Type L×W×H mm Own Weight kg
1000 BLC1000-8-T 5000×800×600 210
1200 BLC1200-10-T 5000×800×600 220
1500 BLC1500-10-T 5000×800×600 230
2000 BLC2000-10-T 5000×800×600 248
2500 BLA2500-12-T 5000×800×700 248
Powder: 220V-460V 50/60Hz 3Ph(we will provide the corresponding transformer according to the voltage in your country region.)
For optional. DC OR AC Motor drive as your requirements

Detail display

Vacuum board lifter capacity 1000kg -3000kg1
1 Telescopic beam 8 Cross beam  
2 Main beam   9 Parking bracket
3 Vacuum pump 10 Vacuum gauge
4 General Control box     11 Control handle
5 Lifting hook       12 Push-Pull Valve
6 Air Hose        13 Vacuum Filter
7 Ball Valve 14 Parking bracket for control panel


Both ends of the suction cup holder are retractable.
Suitable for occasions with large size changes.
Imported oil-free vacuum pump and valve.
Efficient, safe, fast and labor-saving.

Accumulator and pressure detection ensure safety.
The suction cup position is adjustable and can be closed manually.
Design conforms to CE standard.


Aluminum Boards.
Steel Boards.
Plastic Boards.

Glass Boards.
Stone Slabs.
Laminated chipboards.

Vacuum board lifter capacity 1000kg -3000kg2
Vacuum board lifter capacity 1000kg -3000kg3

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