Pneumatic vacuum lifter for steel plate lifting max loading 1500kgs

Short Description:

Total Height: 3.7meters

Arm Length: 3.5meters
(The column and swing arm are adjusted according to the actual situation of the customer)

Column specifications: Diameter 245mm

Mount plate: Diameter 850mm

Matters needing attention:The thickness of ground cement≥20cm

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Pneumatic lifters for handling of plate materials with dense, smooth or structured surfaces. The sturdy design, simple operation and high safety concept make the vacuum lifters an ideal partner to simplify and rationalize processes. The lifters are quickly and easily adaptable to differing workpiece dimensions and offer almost limitless possibilities of use.

The equipment can be customizedd and euipped with a column-type cantilever crane, which occupies a small area and is convenient for short-distance instensive operation.

HEROLIFT offers a complete range of vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting equipment. Including horizontal lifters, powered tilters and battery powered lifters.

Characteristic ( wellable marking ) 

Max.SWL 400KG
● Low pressure warning.
● Adjustable suction cup.
● CE certification EN13155: 2003.
● Designed according to German UVV18 standard.
● vacuum filter, control box incl start / stop, energy saving system with automatic start/stop of vacuum, electronic intelligent vacuum surveillance, on/off switch with integrated power surveillance, adjustable handle,standard with equipped with bracket for quick attachment of lifting or suction cup.
● It can be produced in different sizes and capacities according to the dimensions of the panels to be lifted.
● It is designed using high-resistance, guaranteeing high performance and an exceptional lifetime.

performance index

Serial No. BLA400-6-P Max capacity 400kg
Overall Dimension 2160X960mmX920mm Power supply 4.5-5.5 bar compressed air, Consumption of compressed air 75~94L/min
Control mode Manual hand slide valve control Vacuum suction and release Suction and release time All less than 5 seconds; (Only the first absorption time is slightly longer, about 5-10 seconds)
Maximum pressure 85%vacuum degree (about0.85Kgf) Alarm pressure 60%vacuum degree (about0.6Kgf)
Safety factor S>2.0; Horizontal handling Dead weight of equipment 110kg(approximate)
Power failure Maintaining pressure After power failure, the holding time of the vacuum system absorbing the plate is >15 minutes
Security alarm When the pressure is lower than the set alarm pressure, the audible and visual alarm will alarm automatically


SWL/KG: 400
Type: BLA400-6-P
L×W×H mm: 2000×800×600
Own Weight kg: 110
Vacuum generator
Control: Manual

Steel plate lifting max loading 1500kgs01

Detail display

Detail display
1 Lifting hook 8 Supporting Feet
2 Air Cylinder    9 Buzzer
3 Air Hose   10 Power indicate
4 Main Beam      11 Vacuum gauge
5 Ball Valve        12 General Control box
6 Cross beam       13 Control handle
7 Support leg 14 Control box


Safety tank integrated
Adjustable suction cup
Suitable for occasions with large size changes
Imported oil-free vacuum pump and valve

Efficient, safe, fast and labor-saving
Pressure detection ensure safety
The suction cup position be closed manually
Design conforms to CE standard


Aluminum Boards
Steel Boards
Plastic Boards

Glass Boards
Stone Slabs
Laminated chipboards

Vacuum elevator-2
Vacuum elevator-1
Vacuum elevator-3

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