Vacuum Tube Lifter capacity 10kg -300kg for different drum handling

Short Description:

Drum handling is another typical application.Suitable for 15-300kg drum.

Pail lifting and handling is a common problem for many industries. Vacuum drum lifters are the perfect solution when pails have to be handled for processing and production.

Different from the traditional crane need to hook and up and down buttons to carry items, fast vacuum handling machine will be suction function, up and down control in a control grip, just use the sucker to quickly move to improve the traditional crane operation slow Disadvantages.

Workers have total weightless control for effortless vacuum powered lifting. Suitable for all types of paper, plastic, hessian, burlap bag handling applications. Packing and logistics for drum pail.

Grip from the top or the side, lift high above your head or reach far into pallet racks.

CE certification EN13155:2003

China Explosion-proof Standard GB3836-2010.

Designed according to German UVV18 standard.

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Lifting capacity: <270 kg
Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
Handles: standard / one-hand / flex / extended
Tools: wide selection of tools for various loads
Flexibility: 360-degree rotation
Swing angle240 degrees

Easy to customize
A large range of standardized grippers and accessories, such as swivels, angle joints and quick connections, the lifter is easily adapted to your exact needs.


drum handling
drum handling2
drum handling1
drum handling3


Type VEL100 VEL120 VEL140 VEL160 VEL180 VEL200 VEL230 VEL250 VEL300
Capacity (kg) 30 50 60 70 90 120 140 200 300
Tube Length (mm) 2500/4000
Tube Diameter 9mm) 100 120 140 160 180 200 230 250 300
Lift Speed(m/s) Appr 1m/s
Lift Height(mm) 1800/2500 1700/2400 1500/2200
Pump 3Kw/4Kw 4Kw/5.5Kw

Detail display

Vacuum Tube Lifter capacitys1
1. Air Filter 6. Gantry limit
2. Mounting bracket 7. Gantry
3. Vacuum blower 8. Air hose
4. Silence hood 9. Lift tube assembly
5. Steel Column 10. Suction Foot


Vacuum Tube Lifter capacity 01

Suction head assembly
● Easy replace
● Rotate pad head
● Standard handle and flexible handle are optional
● Protect workpiece surface

sack carton drum handling2

Jib crane limit
● Shrinkage or elongation
● Achieve vertical displacement

sack carton drum handling4

Air tube
● Connecting blower to vacuum suctio pad
● Pipeline connection
● High pressure corrosion resistance
● Provide security

sack carton drum handling3

Power control box
● Control the vacuum pump
● Displays the vacuum
● Pressure alarm

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