Effortlessly Handle Sheet Metal with Our Reliable Vacuum Lifter

Shanghai Herolift Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a renowned wholesale manufacturer and factory of a range of industrial material handling systems. Our latest addition to the product line-up is the Vacuum Lifter Sheet Metal, an innovative solution designed to help factories and warehouses handle and move large, flat sheet metals with ease and efficiency. Our Vacuum Lifter Sheet Metal boasts a strong suction capacity, allowing it to pick up sheets that weigh up to 200 kg. The lifter comes with adjustable suction pads that can be customized to suit varying sheet metal sizes. The pads also have high abrasion resistance, ensuring that they last long even with frequent use. Our focus on safety and ergonomics is reflected in the design of the Vacuum Lifter Sheet Metal. The lifter comes with a safety valve that prevents sudden drops, and ergonomically-designed handles that reduce operator fatigue during use. As a reliable exporter, Shanghai Herolift Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. ensures that our Vacuum Lifter Sheet Metal meets high-quality standards, and we offer our customers competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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