Single-handle portable vacuum crane –VCL serives vacuum lift

Everyone is eager to live a simple and easy life. Just as enterprises pursue more automation, machine, process, lean and 24-hour value creation are fixed and quantifiable, and the core is technology and optimization. Then, if the automation equipment is selected correctly, the management will be easier.

The Vacuum tube lifter is a labor-saving equipment that utilizes the principles of vacuum adsorption and vacuum lifting to achieve rapid transportation.VCL single handed tracheal suction crane can achieve fast, safe, and labor-saving operation.

Herolift can provide you with a wide range of lifting equipment and complete ergonomic lifting solutions.
Load: 10-270kg
Purpose: Quickly carry small workpieces on the production line, saving people and labor.
Features: fast and efficient, lifting speed 1m/s,

Applicable objects: packing box, cardboard box, paint bucket, food bag, rubber block, ham block, wood plate, glass, refrigerator, copy, luggage bag, oil bucket, water bucket, TV set, auto parts assembly, paper roll, book, iron plate

VCL serives carry luggage at the airport. It is also very suitable for express transit and handling.

Parameters of the workpiece lifted by the vacuum tube suction crane:
(1) Material: cardboard box, horizontal handling;  
(2) Workpiece size: 780 * 400 * 150, etc
(3) Schematic diagram of workpiece displacement: the lowest point A is 150mm from the ground, and the highest point B is 1800mm;
(4) Effective installation height on site: above 3.2m;
(5) Power supply: 380VAC ± 15%, frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz, three-phase five wire system; Alternatively, compressed air at 6bar, 30m3/h;       
(6) Altitude: Below 200m.

HEROLIFT vacuum tube lifter can handle a large amount of work in the shortest possible time, and can handle cardboard boxes, bags, barrels, wooden boards, and various other applications. Intuitive operation enables you to carry workpieces quickly and accurately. Ergonomic design can give full play to the operator's maximum efficiency. It is an ideal helper for mechanical loading, transportation, sorting areas, and other application fields.

Vacuum Compact Lifter-VCL
VCL is a compact tube lifter which is used for very quick lifting, capacity 10-65kg. It's widely used in warehouse logistic center, container loading / unloading. Workpiece could be rotated in horizontal 360 degrees, and turned 90 degrees in vertical.

Single-handle portable vacuum crane1
mobile suction tube lifter with stackers3
Type Capacity kg Tube Diam mm  Stroke mm Speed m/s Power KW Motor Speed r/min Art NO
VCL50 12 50 1550 0-1 0.9 1420 705010
VCL80 20 80 1550 0-1 1.5 1420 708010
VCL100 35 100 1550 0-1 1.5 1420 710010
VCL120 50 120 1550 0-1 2.2 1420 712010
VCL140 65 140 1550 0-1 2.2 1420 714010

Post time: Apr-07-2023